The Mythology Engine

Screenshot of the BBC Mythology Engine

A prototype platform for drama online


In 2009, I had been developing ideas for a platform that would support fictional storytelling at scale, across all of the BBC’s drama output. Inspired by the philosophy of the BBC Programmes platform, the platform would ensure a page for every character, location and significant plot event within a drama, all connected in ways that would represent their connections within the fictional universe.

What happened

Working with the BBC’s ‘Rapid Application Development’ team within R&D, I set out a vision, defined the scope and worked with both technical and creative colleagues to produce the Mythology Engine prototype.

The prototype was designed to be flexible to support any narrative – fictional or real. In collaboration with writers from Doctor Who and Eastenders, I created the content which powered the engine, demonstrating its’ flexibility and allowing us to refine our ideas on the fly.


The Mythology Engine was well received by both the TV Drama department and BBC Future Media, and went on to inspire several aspects of the programme websites which still exist, as well as leading to future work on digital storytelling within the BBC and beyond.

Read more about the Mythology Engine on the BBC R&D blog.



Project Duration:

December 2009 – January 2010


Digital Storytelling, TV Production, Scriptwriting, Research & Development