Screenshot of the BBC Mythology Engine

Exploring perspectives and narrative revelations


Following the positive reaction received by the Mythology Engine, I lobbied senior figures at the BBC to devote further effort to exploring how stories could be told and experienced online.

What happened

Having secured funding, I helped assemble a small team to work with me for a month on developing an original story experience via a prototype we called ‘the Story Box’.

Again, I co-produced this development, setting a vision, focusing the team on priorities, as well as taking on the role of interactive director, selecting which scenes of the story would be experienced in particular order by audiences.


Although the prototype did not directly lead to further development, it helped shape my thinking around perspectives, narrative revelations, spoilers and the experience of ‘directing’ a digital story.

Read more about Storybox in my blog post from 2011.



Project Duration:

February – March 2011


Digital Storytelling, TV Production, Scriptwriting, Research & Development