Digital Storytelling


The Mythology Engine

In 2009, I had been developing ideas for a platform that would support fictional storytelling at scale, across all of the BBC’s drama output. 

Working with the BBC’s ‘Rapid Application Development’ team within R&D, I set out a vision, defined the scope and worked with both technical and creative colleagues to produce the Mythology Engine prototype.



Following the positive reaction received by the Mythology Engine, I lobbied senior figures at the BBC to devote further effort to exploring how stories could be told and experienced online.

Having secured funding, I helped assemble a small team to work with me for a month on developing an original story experience via a prototype we called ‘the Story Box’.

Product Management



I joined Springer Nature in 2016, having had a taste of product management and wanting to gain more experience, so that eventually I could bring product leadership skills to bear on storytelling projects.

Working with a small team of developers and designers, we successfully scaled the service to across 3000 journals, constantly refining our proposition through rigorous experiment-driven product development.


Springer Journals Refresh

I was tasked with leading a team to redesign, build and re-platform the entire Springer journal portfolio.

Our goals were to improve the user experience and accessibility of the sites, and encourage researchers to submit their papers to our journals.

In doing so, I advocated an approach of releasing the simplest, useful version of the site as quickly as possible, getting real user feedback, and rapidly evolving the sites as we went.


Nature Briefing

I took over product management responsibilities for Briefing in March 2020, just as the COVID-19 pandemic began. The service had been growing successfully for two years prior, but growth was beginning to tail off.

Over the following 18 months, I led a small team of developers, alongside colleagues from Nature‘s news team, and pivoted product development from acquisition to engagement.