I’m finally at an age where I’m learning to appreciate a decaffeinated coffee.

Coffee took a while to become a thing for me. I’d always liked coffee chocolate – blame my sweet tooth and the selection of little rectangles of chocolate my brother and I used to receive as gifts from family at holidays – but coffee itself always seemed like a bizarre, bitter drink.

Even when I then learned to appreciate coffee, in, what, 2017, 2018 maybe, I still couldn’t understand the point of the decaffeinated variety. Surely the reason for coffee was the caffeine.

But now, despite it being almost May, the room is cold, the news is grim, and a warm drink is what I need, so, in moderation, a decaf coffee is what I’ll have.


In other news, Twitter got bought by the bloke who runs Tesla and hasn’t exactly proven to be adept at an intelligent approach to social media. Coupled with (yet another) kick up the arse to write more than a tweet length at a time (I hate myself for tweet-threading), it looks like I’m blogging into the dark once again.

Long may it continue. Hello to anyone reading – it’d be nice to know who’s there.

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