A Song That Reminds You of Someone (30 Days of Music)

Robin The Hooded ManClannad

Even the album cover, seen in this video, takes me back.

There’s a part of me which is quite dissatisfied with some of these topics – since I was a child, I’ve been surrounded by some form of music, be it on the radio, or on vinyl, CD, tape, minidisc and so on. So plenty of songs remind me of someone, somewhere, some event, and so on. It’s going to be hard to pick one.

But I’ll go with the first one that springs to mind, tonight. This reminds me of several things – sitting in the back of the car – a very 80s family car Honda, I can even remember the colour of the sticker on the passenger window warning would be intruders that the car was fitted with an alarm – orangey-red, like a sunset, whilst a shadowy figure runs away – whilst going to primary school; playing around with cassette tape boxes.

Watching the entire series on VHS growing up. Listening to the album on almost every car journey.

A hot early summer more recently, where we re-watched most of the series.

Me making up rather more childish lyrics for the chorus.

But most of all, it reminds me, as does the whole album, as do most songs by Kate Bush, or by The Police, of the first person who shaped my musical tastes – my mother. So this one’s for her.

Not very cool, I know, but hey, honesty.


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