A Song That Makes You Happy (30 Days of Music 2014)

Don’t Falter – Mint Royale (featuring Lauren Laverne)

The 90s is where it all made sense, for me – sure, there were bad days, but those endless summers, the imagination and freedom and so on. There’s plenty of 80’s music I like, but if you really want to trigger my happy gland, play me some indie/disco/pop from the mid-90s. Although I don’t especially remember it from the time, rediscovering this song in the last few years has been revelatory.

Like Day 1’s song, it speaks of summer, of hope. It has that vague memory of the early internet, Mel and Sue’s Light Lunch, rare and special trips up to Oxford Street to spend an hour or so in the massive Virgin Megastore, HMV and Electronics Boutique. It’s unashamedly romantic – “and as long as we’ve got each other, it’s gonna be officially Summer”, and has valuable advice, too – “you must decide to risk your heart for love to find you..”. Perfect.

The video’s completely out of sync with my thoughts on the song, though.

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