Your Favourite Song (30 Days of Music 2014)

SometimesMiami Horror

The slightly sickening music video with obligatory young pretty things

I’ve been making my way through Grand Theft Auto V.

The game doesn’t quite have the same seductive atmosphere as Red Dead Redemption, which I fell in love with. The story and characters, too, aren’t necessarily the best. But the sense of a world, just by wandering or driving around, is what I enjoy the most, in both games. Ironically, really, given that all the studying I’ve done so far around fiction and writing has been focused on plot and character. Hmm.

I’ve yet to experience a summer holiday of relaxing, carefree living and/or just being in the US, if only for a short while. This song speaks to me of the sunshine-soaked atmosphere of driving down the freeway, or taking in the sunset at the beach, albeit in a virtual environment. It’s an illusion, doubly so in GTA, of course.

Nevertheless, the lush electronica, similar to that found in Cut/Copy’s music, combined with a very New Order style bass guitar, hits the spot for me. Full of hope and promise, the summer to come.

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