BBC Programmes and a Web of Data – A History

Now and then, I’m fascinated by the period in the BBC’s development around the mid 2000s when it seemed as though people really started to grok the possibilities of the Web. It’s possibly just me, but it often seems as though the world we live in now has forgotten all this promise (perhaps like the ‘horse in the Apple Store‘ idea). And indeed, I often forget the sense of exploration and wonder from some of my early blog posts here on narrative modelling, assuming that’s all settled, accepted and boring now.

Anyway, there’s something about standing on the shoulders of giants, being behind/ahead of the times, collective forgetting of a movement if it’s not shared, and all that, awaiting a different post – a kind of retrospective, and perhaps needless nostalgia for those times, but for now, here’s the twenty-two links I was able to source via Twitter this evening on the subject, organised (approximately) by author – expect this to be tidied up in time:


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