The Mythology Engine

Finally, after months of writing, thinking and beavering away with the good folks of the BBC’s R&D Prototyping Team, we can reveal a prototype featuring many of the concepts I’ve been discussing here. Thanks must go to the great team there, who’ve helped turn these ideas into some form of reality. Now, I’ll be doing what I can to take things onto the next level, and get something fully built. I’ll blog more about the development process of the prototype and what it’s capable of, on the weekend, but until then, here’s the official BBC blog post: Mythology Engine on BBC Blogs


  1. I’ve been following these developments with much excitement. I am a fan of the American TV show “Lost”, which also has multiple time-lines and parallel realities. Any chance that your ontology and other tools could be released so that I could play with it?


  2. Tim,

    Thanks for the comments – at the moment we don’t have many tools beyond what was made for the (relatively!) quick-and-dirty prototype as shown on the BBC Blog. It’s certainly on my radar to start building proper tools, I’ll let people know when we do.

    As for the ontology, you can find lots of detailed information about it here:


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